“The leader does not just put the message across, the leader is the message”.

We work at a deep emotional level to unlock potential and shift thinking and behaviour as well as providing stimulating and experiential activities to practice and embed learning.

We aim to open the minds of leaders to fresh ideas which can release a huge amount of potential and energy from the workforce.

Our programmes start with a focus on the individual, building their own self awareness. You cannot separate yourself from the situation. So, you are always having an impact. We know that self awareness alone is not enough. Making choices, tough decisions and taking action is also required. We equip people with the confidence, courage and skill to do this. We can train people to change their thinking, change their behaviour and change their impact on others.

Leaders also need to engage and motivate large groups of people. For this reason, the other major focus of our leadership approach is to develop people’s ability to do this.

STAR Approach


Wherever you go, there you are.  Always having an impact.  As a leader, it is essential you have the right impact.  In order that you can lead others, it is first essential that you:

  • Know yourself and what you stand for.
  • Know what you want to create.
  • Can play to your strengths.
  • Can choose your attitude and behaviour.
  • Can be resilient to cope with setbacks and challenges.
  • Understand your de-railers and are aware of the shadow you cast.


Leaders need to be able to take others with them in a way that inspires others to follow and enable others to take acts of leadership themselves by:-

  • Making others feel seen and heard.
  • Inspiring Others by communicating a shared vision and using techniques such as storytelling.
  • Coaching others to go further than they thought they could.
  • Providing challenge and feedback to drive change.
  • Having frank and honest conversations.

We equip people with the attitude, drive, confidence and skills to do this.


Many great plans and visions never make it out of the desk drawer. This is a tragedy as untapped potential is sitting there unutilised.  As our programmes are experiential, they allow people to put their skills and ideas into practice through a variety of experiences bringing real tangible benefit.  Our approach to learning uses a blend of tutor led input, facilitation, coaching, discussions, group exercises, reflection and real practice.  Our forum theatre and leadership challenges also provide real practice with real time feedback and coaching to make the behavioural shift required.  This makes learning more memorable, transferable and effective.


Getting the result you wanted is the final output.  We challenge people to go beyond what they thought was possible and take people out of their comfort zone, so they can inspire others to do the same.

We measure the effectiveness of the result at a reaction and performance level.
Our programmes are always tailored to your needs.

We work with you and your organisation to develop your people to be successful, engaged and happy.

We enable people to be at their best, releasing greater potential in to your organisation.